imaginative can’t but agree with this statement

imaginative power made different people in different spheres become successful in this world. one of them is arthur conan doyle but he is not the person im going to speak about. the object of my speech is james bowen famous british writer. his career began in march 2012 when his first book was published. nobody and nothing could help him become famous but his car bob. i was surfing the net one day when i came across an interesting article about a street musician performing with a cat on his shoulders.

of course i coulnt leave this story onnoticed so i decided to read the book.Parker said: “The books that help you the most are those which make you think the most”. I can’t but agree with this statement especially on this book. “A street cat named Bob” is a breathtaking story which cannot but bring tears to your eyes.being not an indifferent person by nature i was greatly inspired by the book. it has taught me not to give up under any circumstances ; find strength to live and to go on.

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There’s always a reason to live you just have to find it