In observing ritual ceremonies it is important

In “Argonauts of the Western Pacific”, Broniwlaw Malinkowsi explains and describes the right process of Ethnography field work by referring to his own personal experience in the Kula(a highly complex trading system in New Guinea). The author starts off by describing the people of the coastal South Sea Island who were experts navigators and traders. He then mentions that ethnographers are their own chronicler and historian because their sources are not doubted easily and are very complex. In ethnography, having the mind and curiosity of a child are very important requirements while doing field work because you pay close attention the cultural behaviors of the natives. The author uses three important steps to collect data from the natives. First, one must be alone and close to the natives. Second, one must learn how to behave with the natives in order to be in touch with the natives.

And lastly, one has to be active in the field work and change the way we see things. For example, when observing ritual ceremonies it is important to not only write down the events but also actions of the participants and the audience. While doing field work, the best way to collect some data is to put down your instruments and get involve in different activities and share conversations.

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Malinkowsi believes that the work of scientifically specialize observers will surpass the results of those done by only amateurs. He highlights the importance to lose control of oneself in order to truly become part of the culture and fully understand your field work. Ultimately, this book requires a lot of knowledge of anthropology to understand the detailed information of the observed investigation and also to know where the study takes place.

I believe that it is also important to use theories and interact with the people to adapt to the environment that is being studied.