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In software development literature survey is considered to be the most important factor. Before developing any tool it is really important to determine many things such as economy, its advantage, disadvantage, its opportunities in the near future and many more such considerations are to be taken. Once these things are satisfied, then next steps are to determinewhichoperatingsystemandlanguagecanbeusedfordevelopingthetool.Cloud Computing Cloud computing provides an unlimited platform and infrastructure to store and execute and secure the clients or the customers data and program. As a customer it is not required that you have to own the system or the infrastructure as a whole, they can just be accessed or rented; adding as an advantage to the customer using it minimizing the tendency to decrease the expenditure. Instead of running the data individually in one computer or even in several; they are hosted in the “cloud ‘—computers and servers assemblage accessed via the Internet. Cloud computing lets you access all the documents, data’s and application from anywhere in the world, making it free for the people to be confined in the desktop only and making it easy for the people indifferent parts of the world to collaborate.

2.2 EXITING SYSTEM Firstly, traditional cryptographic primitives for the purpose of data security protection cannot be directly adopted due to the users’ loss control of data under Cloud Computing. Whenever it comes to the matter relating to cloud services the user is put at a disadvantage regarding to the security of the file. Basically the file is stored on a server which is a pool resource that is any one with user’s credentials can access the file and if in case the attacker comes to know about the password as well as the encryption keys the attacker can modify the file contents, thus making the information stored in the file to be accessed by the unauthorized user. So, the problem is that what if someone copy’s your work and claims to be his own work.

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Anything we design, anything we invent is governed by the principle of whether or not it guarantees customer satisfaction.Hence, the problem is underlying whether the customer can rest assured that his data is safe from unauthorized access or not.2.3 PROPOSED SYSTEMIn our purposed system, we provide assurance to the user that his information is safe by “implementing a system which provides security mechanisms by offering three levels of security”. Concerning about the data security part, our system is divided mainly into three modules named “ip triggering” module, “client-authentication” module and “redirecting” module. The system generates a user password and a key which is used for client authentication. The algorithm generates two keywords 8 bit length consisting of combinations of characters, special characters, and numbers which is used for client authorization and file authorization.Questions may arise as why do we use keys of 8 bit length only? The purpose of our system is to prevent illegal data access if the users’ credential are compromised.

By testing against weak algorithms which are easier to crack we design our system to be more robust.Advantages:• Our scheme would be to prevent illegal access of users’ data.• Inform the user that his data has been accessed from an unregistered ip.• The attacker is provided with the access of the fake file.2.

4 SOFTWARE DESCRIPTIONS2.4.1 JAVA Java is a programming language (general-purpose) that is class based, object oriented, concurrent and the one that is designed specifically to have fewer dependencies in implementation as much as possible.The code that are written in java i.e. the java code can run on any of the platforms that just support java but without having them to be recompiled once and again. Due to this ability it lets the application developers to write once but read anywhere.The java codes are mostly compiled as byte code that are capable of running in any of the java virtual machines (JVM) regardless of what the computer architecture is.

We discuss the concept of java as below.Java was designed to use the concept of look and feel of the C++ language. But also, it is easier to use and it also enforces an object-oriented programming model. We already know that java is capable of creating complete applications that can run in a single computer or can be distributed across multiple servers and different clients in a network.Package in JAVA: Package in java is a mechanism or a process to encapsulate a group of classes, interfaces and also sub-packages.Packages are used for multiple purpose that are:• It prevents the naming conflicts. Example there can be two classes with the same name in any of the two packages, considering it to be Student i.

e. campus member cse Student and campus member ee Student. • Packages can be used as data encapsulation (Data-hiding). • It provides control access.• It makes searching of interfaces, classes, enumerations,, and notations easier.2.

4.2SQL-SERVER The OLAP Services feature available in SQL Server version 7.0 is now called SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services. The term OLAP Services has been replaced with the term Analysis Services. Analysis Services also includes a new data mining component.

The Repository component available in SQL Server version 7.0 is now called Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Meta Data Services. References to the component now use the term Meta Data Services. The term repository is used only in reference to the repository engine withinMetaDataServicesSQL-SERVERdatabaseconsistoffollowingtypeofobjects:1.


REPORT 5. MACROTABLE: A database is a collection of data about a specific topic.VIEWS OF TABLE: We can work with a table in two types, 1. Design View 2. Datasheet View Design View To build or modify the structure of a table we work in the table design view.

We can specify what kind of data will be hold. Datasheet View To add, edit or analyses the data itself we work in tables datasheet view mode. QUERY: A query is a question that has to be asked the data.