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In the movie God ‘s not dead , I saw myself in the character of Josh and asked myself that if I was in the same situation as him, would I have done the same or just go the other way around to avoid so much trouble that Josh faced? A scary professor like that would sure feel like attacking a lion that you know you can’t beat. Like, the professor already told him the consequences that he will face if he fails to convince them that God’s not dead. I was moved by Josh’s choice to defend God, and of course he did not do it on his own.

In the movie, they showed how he became anxious and worried about the fact that he might fail plus his girlfriend is against it. It was also shown how he got help from the reverend and take note; he read the bible to get wisdom from God. He wasn’t trying to show off that he can do it alone just because he believes. He needed help with this battle and he got it from the right sources. the movie God’s not dead and this movie see how the topic of God could create affect to our lives because this movie shows that we must believe in God maybe he’s not there but everything we will do God see us because God is God and God is everything they know that His power is greater than anything else, even Man, thus they would expect God to bless them in prosperous ways that they desire. That is not to say that we should not expect anything from God, after all, God calls us to hold on to His promises. But when we start placing our own expectations on God, we fail to acknowledge that His ways are not our ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts.

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They say they believe in God, but in fact they start playing God, trying to ‘control’ Him instead of letting Him take the reins. And thus, when things do not go the way they want, they blame and question God; they lose their trust in Him, thinking that if God did not answer them according to their expectations, then God could not have exist. I was curious to why some people claim they believe in God, but do not have dare to stand up for God and instead, choose to keep Him at an arm’s length, as seen in the ex-girlfriend of the main character. In this case, she objected against the desire of the main character to debate for God, for fear that it will lead to his own academic suicide, sacrificing the plans that she had for them. And We usually feel that God is not alive in our lives. We sometimes see Him, or know Him, as the God in the bible, or a God of the saints, or a God who watches from above.

We usually do not see Him as the living God, one who is always with us, even if we don’t see him physically. God makes the impossible and possible-because he moves things in the most unexpected ways. With the promises that God gives us, we can be sure that the blessings that God will give us in place of the things we sacrifice will be way beyond the understanding of our limited minds. It may not be the blessings we think we ought to have, but no doubt there will be blessings.