In “The raven” incorporates these

In the poem ‘The Raven” wrote by Edgar Allan Poe topics that are examined in this text are sadness, loneliness, imagination, symbolism and insanity. These topic cause the reader a lot of grief throughout the poem, some of these topics are used in other poems and short stories wrote by Edgar Allan Poe like the Tell-Tale-Heart. Poe brings out the inner thoughts of the speaker to show how the speaker to show how he feels. “The raven” incorporates these topics to develop the theme of grief to make it that the readers will be able to understand the speakers’ feelings all through this poem. Poe has also included some literary devices in the particular poem some are alliteration, metaphors, similes and repetition.

The main literary device that is incorporated in “The Raven” to establish the topic of grief is symbolism.The theme imagination is a big part of the poem because the speaker does not know why the raven is coming and looking at him, so he imagines why… the recent death of his wife. The speaker begins to think that the raven has come from the underworld. This is show through the words “on the night’s plutonian shore!” Pluto is roman for the god of death.

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The raven appearing at night and only night is also a major factor of why the speaker is thinking this way. The speaker imagines what the raven could be doing there and why it was there. The word “evermore” appears in the second paragraph in the poem it means always meaning the mournful sorrow of lost Lenore will never be forgotten. This theme causes the speaker to become scared of what the raven might do to him and imagine more and more things about his loss but there are other factors of why the speaker feels that the raven has a deathly affect to the story.Loneliness is what the speaker lacks, if he was with his wife or someone else he would have a different approach to the raven’s meaning of being there. He would think it might be there for comfort or food.

The darkness adds even more meaning to the speakers loneliness, as if the darkness is empty and something is there feeding of his sorrow and loss of happiness. This is shown through the passage “deep into darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream” the tapping on the door when he opened nothing was there and it happened again gave the speaker a scary feeling and the dream he was dreaming more silent and scary. The loneliness factor is the one that makes the speaker feel depressed and far from anyone. Symbolism is how some things are shown through object or thoughts.

Some thoughts in the speakers head might have been will I die next because the raven is here, will some I love die will this happen to me until my death or will this make me lonely or far from everyone because if I love them they will die like my wife and it will be all my fault. The raven symbolizes ‘mournful, never-ending remembrance.’ The speakers sorrow for his lost, perfect maiden Lenore is the driving force behind his conversation with the Raven. The passage in the second paragraph “sorrow for lost Lenore” this proves that the speaker really cares for his wife and will never forget her. The speaker thinks his wife Lenore was knocking at his door but it takes him a while to open the door because it is late in the night but when he goes to open it his becomes even sadder because she is lost. The speaker demonstrates all of these in the poem causing the poem to touch the hearts of the readers of the poem.Poe puts these topics in this poem so that we can gain information of the occurrences with the topics examined in the poem.

The repetition of some words or passages like “and nothing more” and “Nevermore”. Link the topic of grief to the topics explored throughout this essay. The speaker thinks that the past occurrences might affect his future in a bad way and that’s why he is grieving.