In media have blended together in complex ways,

In the world full with newest technology, many children and teenagers say that technology has become an immensely important part of their everyday life. The development of mobile wireless technologies has generated a considerable amount of excitement among children, teenagers parents and academics practitioners because it results in simplifying and make lives more easier. Mobile phone telecommunications, which were regarded as a luxury only two decades ago, are now ubiquitous, and vitally important to individuals, to communities, to businesses, and to the wider economy.In the history of mass communication research, one of the greatest challenges for communication studies has been the rapid development of information and communication technologies. Even the familiar notions of the media have become obscure, as the media have blended together in complex ways, blurring the former boundaries in the media field.

Clearly, the traditional media, such as television, radio and newspapers, are undergoing considerable change. More significant is the advent of new media forms and technologies, such as mobile phones and smart phones which are changing the face of mass communication. Mobile phones are also changing how people interact with each other as the new technologies are combining aspects of mass with personal communication. Mobile phones has impacted almost all walk of human life. The prominent areas, where impacts of mobile phone are obviously include many aspects such as business, education, health and social life.

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Mobile technology has drastically changed the cultural norms and behavior of individuals. At one end mobile phones re-enabling people to create their own micro-cultures and engage into many activities on the other end, mobile phones enable people to remain connected all the time. The adoption of the mobile phone by larger user groups has been particularly fast and it is affecting their life in such a positive ways.

As the Manager of Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, mobile phone such as smart phone brings many advantages to the users more than it bringing disadvantages. The advantages of mobile phones include help the students in their studies, make communication with friends and family more easier, make a life more organized and handy during an emergency.Firstly, mobile phone help the students in their studies. The usage of mobile phones among students and teachers or lecturers results in shifting the academic environment from traditional settings to mobile learning (m-learning) settings. Mobile phones are not just supplementary devices for developing countries, but these devices can play integral part of in their education systems. The mobile phone provide access to modern society a massive amount of educational and learning resources. In developing countries, mobile phones can easily compensates the limited access of internet and data access, which in turn help their infrastructure and education development. There are an increasing numbers of institutions of higher education offer courses using mobile wireless technologies as an alternative of teaching method and learning tools.

Using such interests in mobile wireless technologies to aid the education does bring many benefits to enhance the knowledge of their students by using a mobile phones. From the usage of mobile phones among students, the students can use them to find a new information regarding on a particular subject they are learning in class to enhance their understanding. The student can also use their mobile phone to make a research upon the syllabus that they do not understand and they are many educational websites available online that can help and aid students in their studies. There are a number of different mobile wireless devices are being used in higher education. These include web-enabled wireless mobile phones such as smart phones, web-enabled wireless handheld computers such as tablet computers, wireless laptop computers, and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs).

In learning environments, mobile phones are used most often. This is because it is easy to be carried around as it has a small pocket sized and very convenient to them. The use of the Internet has become a part of life of every student and a mean to search for the information as and when it is needed. Not only it help the students to find new information in an educational websites from the internet, but is also can be used during class session where most of the teacher’s nowadays encourage the usage of mobile phones to aid the student’s performance in class. Good communications between students and professors improve teaching and learning. Mobile phones within and without the classroom make it easier for students and teachers to collaborate. Students on sick leave or with health issues, or miss school for other reasons would be able to attend class through their mobile phone and keep up with their work, rather than falling behind due to unanticipated circumstances such as not attending the class when the student is sick. There are also some of the teachers that conduct an online test and quizzes to save more time marking the student’s answers and it saves the budget as it does not use any papers to conduct the quizzes.

The usage of mobile phones among students also make the learning method more fun as there are also some teachers that upload a presentation slide into a cloud medium in the internet and all the students can have access to it and download it in their mobile phones to read it any time and any where.Meanwhile, in higher education institute such as colleges and universities, all major locations on college and university campuses are being retrofitted for wireless networking. Many major buildings and places such as libraries, lecture halls, cafeterias, and research centers on college and university campuses are already equipped to provide wireless access to help the students to connect to the internet to help in their studies or in their assignments. Many higher education institutes have an educational websites that allow the interaction between the students and the lecturers. This can help the students as the lecturers can share presentation slides, or conduct an online quizzes or maybe put some reminder on the website to point out important dates of examinations for the students.

There are also lecturers that allow online submissions of the student’s assignment and to avoid hassle, the students can just use their mobile phones to keep themselves updated with their lecturers. They can also do their assignments on their phones and can upload their assignment online or e-mail it to their lecturers later. It saves time and make the student’s life more easier. Not to mention, the use of mobile phones for internet purposes has become a routine and number of mobile phone consumer accessing the Internet is surpassing fixed line internet users. The growing demand of smart phones, availability of the Internet and high speed mobile browsing is ready to provide an alternative channel to deliver education services. This will provide an opportunity to the users to utilize their mobile phones to get educational benefits within their available time irrespective to their location. Distance education is a learning mechanism that focuses to liberate students from limitations of time and location, while offering flexible opportunities for education.

Distance learning enables students to utilize their time such that they can continue their education without impacting their work and family life. The mobile phones with the capability of always connected makes it much easier for the students to avail this type of education facility and makes the mobile phone a perfect fit device for distance learning. The education system of developing countries might unarguably be the most prevalent beneficiary of the mobile technologies. In addition, mobile phones make communication with friends and family more easier.

Most of them are saying so because it helps them keep in touch with their friends as well as their parents. Social networking may build social bonds. There is an impact of technology use on adolescents’ relationships with their parents and family. The relationship that parents maintain with their adolescents is a crucial factor in the growth and development of those adolescents. Adolescence can be a potentially difficult time for both parents and adolescents as the needs for youth are unique from alternative developmental stages. Due to these demands of adolescents, it is crucial to have a constant understanding and communication between the parents and the children. A strong relationship between parent and adolescent can encourage positive decision making for the adolescent and protects adolescents from emotional distress, suicidal thoughts and violence. Mobile phones can help the parents to stay connected and communicate with their children.

The parents can use their mobile phones to give their children a call, or text them to ask how was their day on a regular basis, and these simple act makes the relationship between the parents and the children to become healthy and stronger. Mobile phones can also be use to stay connected to their friends and long distanced family. The mobile phones can be use to interact with them on social media and keep their life connected with each other. It also help the user to stay updated with their friends or family’s life through social media updates.

The capabilities of mobile phones is apparent that in such a situation it will play an important role in the keeping the communication between two person to go well. Staying connected is easier than ever, and keeping the social bonds active allows reducing stress and promises social support.Moreover, mobile phone make a life more organized. Mobile phone’s impact on society as features like, text to speech, GPS and social media websites are some examples, which can help this group of people to easily remain integrated with society. Using these services and many more features, the target group of people can easily communicate their needs, seek assistance from others and remain connected to society. The mobile phones can give an opportunity to individuals to act as a journalist at any point in time and real-time information to society. Mobile phone features like the camera, video capture, access to social media websites and nature of always connected to the Internet enable individuals to capture any video at any time and share it with friends and family using social media websites and other Internet based options. Mobile phones are convenient, easy to use, and portable so all generations can use mobile phones to assist them in their daily life activities.

Plus, the role of the mobile phone is expanding far beyond simple personal communications as mobile phone is increasingly being developed for various future civic activities, such as voting in elections and engaging in m-learning,and many more. The development of mobile media technologies expands the usage dimensions of the mobile phone and creates possibilities for completely new kinds of social and functional uses. Mobile phone have a GPS features where the GPS technology enables the user to pinpoint themselves on a map no matter how lost you are. Just fire up your phone to see your position and create a route to your destination. It can be use during travelling or during driving, and it shows all they way to our destination.

It is more easier and convenient than using the paper maps. The mobile phone camera can also be to capture and record the moments with our friends and family, either it be record the dawn chorus or your friends singing you happy birthday or taking a picture of the nature, it is all on your mobile phone and the user can upload it to their social media websites to share their happy moments with their family and friends. In fact, mobile phone also help to reduce stress in busy work life. During a busy schedule, mobile phone enables users to interact with their friends and family as and when they get time. Interacting with friends and families, while traveling, waiting on bus stop enables users to utilize such time to promote their social life. It enables the users to interact and stay up-to-date with the latest news and development in the political and social circles resulting in reducing work stress. The smart use of mobile phone will increase your brain function instead of using the mobile phones only for entertainment only, but it could be used to access useful information.

For example, a mobile phone help to access the news headlines, latest technology updates, and real time featured stories from respected news outlets around the world. This knowledge will build mental warehouse of information, and make the user a better communicator as well. Next, mobile phone could be handy during an emergency.

During an emergency, mobile phones are the fastest and the effective communication media. Always connected to the Internet through a mobile phone provides a great instrument for individuals for constant communication resulting in great safety for children attending schools or going outside. The classic mobile phones provided this facility for long time but the smart phone’s utilizing the same and providing additional convenient capabilities to communicate with children and know their whereabouts anytime.

This can help the parents to protect their children and improve their safety. The mobile phone as a GPS features where the parents can track their child’s whereabouts just by tracking the location from their mobile phones. This comes in handy when their children went missing and their mobile phone can be use to track them out. Also, mobile phones can be use to give a call to an ambulance, the police or to the fire department when there is an emergency happening.

An emergency is an unanticipated situation, which may lead to the loss of life or property such as gas explosions, collapsed buildings, or to the harm of physical integrity of individuals or animals such as car accidents, or to damage of property such as fire or floods. Emergency situations are typically events that can be handled by local forces such as the police, ambulances, fire departments. When there is a car accidents and the victim need a medical help, the people around them can use their mobile phone to call the hospital to send an ambulance to those that in need. The usage of mobile phones during emergency can help to save someone’s life.

Plus, mobile phones can also be used to call the police or other security officials when there is a burglar in our neighbour house. This could help those who are in need before the situation gets worse. The mobile phone users in the community meant emergency services could be notified quicker in the event of an accident improving their response time. The use of mobile phones has the advantage of immediacy of access, in particular in situations such as road traffic incidents, outdoor accidents, and injuries. As it could save lives, the users must be conscious to their surrounding because the faster the call they make to the local forces, their higher the chance a life can be saved.

In the final analysis, the benefits of mobile phones is outweigh the disadvantages of it. Mobile wireless technologies are an interesting and very recent addition to higher education. Their power to change the way of educating people is very promising and mobile phones are the new frontier for teaching and learning in institutions of higher education.

Mobile phone technologies use in education will continue to grow and will become the learning environment of choice. As mobile phone also can be use as a communication medium that connects a group of people to communicate, the users need to balance their life between communicating through online and in real life.It is also believed that the upcoming mobile phones will be preloaded with more emergency and disaster management applications.

Furthermore, these applications must be given access to full resources in a mobile phone so that emergency could be dealt in an efficient manner.In spite of its many features, the mobile phone is a modern medium because it is fast, instantaneous, interactive and personal. More likely, its role in the interactive link between the personal user and social and mass media will increase in the future. Hence, the advantages of mobile phones can make out life easier, if the usage of mobile phone is use in moderation.