In were meant to be

In thinking of a subject that matters to me a great amount, education is one that most of the times tops my list.

In making this statement, my sentiments on how education allows one to further themselves and become the people they were meant to be in life. My emphasis on education has been so since a very early age, and I have seen its wonders through my own eyes. Education is not only the key to furthering yourself, but it is also the key to furthering our society into a more civil one. It is a known fact that societies, and nations, that have a higher degree of education, also share more riches than their less educated counterparts. The most troubled nations in our world are also often the least educated. The continent of Africa for the most part is a great example of this theory; having had most of its riches stolen by colonial Europeans, its people for the last century have experienced lower literacy rates than anywhere in the world.

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Education is the key to riches, but education also is not cheap.