Individualism after themselves and their immediate family whereas

Individualism vs CollectivismAccording to Geert Hofstede’s , Individualism is a society in which the ties between individuals are loose, every individual is expected to look after themselves and their immediate family whereas collectivism is a society where individuals from birth onwards are part of a strong ingroups like extended family , tribe or village .In high individualistic cultures people focus on individual needs and they are self oriented. These cultures teach children to be independent , they take care of themselves as early as possible.

In general ,cultures with high individualism are more wealthier because organisations in these countries recruit people according to their skills and qualifications , not because of their relationships. Therefore it is possible for leadership of these organisations to get input from employees and be innovative which will result in the increase of wealth for the organisation and the nation as whole.The workforce in South Africa is very diverse and because of cultural differences there is no trust amongst employees. This results in competition among individuals as they try to showcase their creativity and innovations thats why South Africa has a high individualism of 65 compared to Singapore with 20.

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Unlike cultures with high individualism , low individualism cultures make decision based on what is best for the group. These cultures emphasise on “we” language. In these cultures kids are taught to respect, they maintain contact with families for the rest of their lives. Organisations in low individualistic cultures recruit relatives and people close to them. These cultures are also known as collectivist cultures where working together is prefered. Singapore firms encourage team work and group efforts to maintain peace and harmony at workplace.

Team work and group efforts are considered as better ways of achieving organisational goals. Individual efforts are forbidden as they are considered to be bad behaviours that distract group harmony. This proves that Singapore is a low individualism culture.