Inequality of growing immigration, there

Inequality in immigrant health care is a particular areaof concern, as poorer quality of care for immigrants is acommon occurrence 5. Numerous researchers pointout, however, that it is not well understood why suchdisparities exist 6–8.As a result of growing immigration, there is not onlyan increased number of people requiring use of thehealth care system, but it also becomes more difficult tomeet peoples’ needs when their values and backgroundare increasingly diverse and not well understood 9.

This can been seen in findings of a direct association betweensocial integration (i.e. an immigrant’s connectionswithin a new society in terms of marital status, voluntarymembership in associations, and interactions with friends/relatives) and health: better social integration is associatedwith lower blood pressure and fewer depressive symptoms,and vice versa 10, 11. Although it is understoodthat culture (i.

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e., the learned behaviours, beliefs, andattitudes characteristic of a particular population) playsa crucial role in immigrant health, there is a lack oftheoretical models that can accurately connect culturewith individual (i.e. doctor-patient interactions) andbiological (i.e.

health outcomes) elements 9, 11. Still,a substantial amount of evidence exists to support thefact that culture can influence the quality of healthcarereceived by immigrant