INTRODUCTION SUMMARY Over a hundred of years, economists

INTRODUCTIONIt is a documentary film of rich mathematicians becoming poor who tried to bring science and reason into the world of investment, and how their efforts turn in an unreasonable panic that shocked the world market.SUMMARY Over a hundred of years, economists had dreamed of a way of reducing risk in the stock market. It gives the history of predicting financial markets and the mathematical discovery of modern finance. It leads to the development of Long Term Capital Management.

ANALYSISIt is advisable to watch if someone is interested to finance. It is clear and easy to understand even for the beginners or wanting to learn the derivatives. The contrasts between what the experienced trader was saying and what the academics says were also great. It gives an informative view of the market from both academic and practitioners perspectives.CONCLUSION This film shows many of the aspects of speculation and also gives that the same drawbacks that small individual investors get fall up on are the same as the multi-billion dollar hedge funds fall.

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