Inventory without a doubt that one

Inventory System plays a major role in the operation of the business wherein it makes the work easier, faster and accurate. Companies especially the big ones are recommended to switch from manual to automated system because this will improve the efficiency and productivity of the business which will up lift the industry`s reputation. (Sanders, 2010)According to Precious PSP (2010), the proper storage of inventory is vital. Improper storage can cause a product to ruin, resulting in a loss of inventory. Businesses should focus on a high cost of merchandise that can be easily hidden and carried out of the warehouse.9 According to Borderless Hub Philippines, Inc.

(2012), says that without a doubt that one of the major roles played by today in almost every area in the society particularly in business is the computerized inventory system. The system enables us to make every detailed work and follows accurate directives. The basic proposed inventory system are to make the process fast and well- organized which means that they can process more quick than humans. According to Espino (2010), the replacement of the manual into inventory system with the proposed system provide more efficient and accurate process of transaction.

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According to Villanueva (2010), the company will have exerted less effort and time to perform its task. Accurate and lesser time in calculating, fast and efficient flow of business is the other thing that the company will be experiencing while implementing this inventory system.