Islamic individual concept. However, in Shi’ism,

Islamic Messianism: The Idea of the Mahdi in Twelver Shi’ism summarises the concept of the Mahdi with regard to the twelver depiction. The way it has been written, makes it appropriate to understand Shi’ism in modern day, highlighting the political, religious and social perspectives of its practices.

It is worthwhile to note that generally the Mahdi concept is prevalent across all Islamic beliefs, practices and sects, regardless to the individual concept. However, in Shi’ism, the belief in the concept of the twelver, the occultation and the return of the Mahdi play such a significant role to the existence of Shi’is, especially as it is a millenarian movement. So, Sachedina creates a purpose of examining these crucial doctrinal beliefs in the Mahdi from early imamate sources. He successfully does this, by comparing the messianic concept from the Judaic-Christian perspective with the Shi’i, thus highlighting the relationship of Shi’a’s view of the Mahdi

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