ISPARTA The roses with their own

ISPARTAI felt like I was in a new world when I stepped into the land of Isparta.

Isparta was in the Mediterranean Region. The tremendous movement of breezy air made me feel the vibrancy of nature. It was twenty four degrees. The wind was neither strong enough to make a hose nor too weak to lift a leaf.

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When I turned to the right, I thought that I was in the Barbie’s Toy House due to the roses. The roses with their own special smell painted the area pink. When I turned to left, I saw many old trees cramped together.

All of their leaves were reborn this summer. I recommend you go to Isparta in the summer months because there is the effect of a revitalized nature in finding the energy needed to recognize the city.P1 intro HOOK –First impression of the area (“My first impression of the area was…”) P2 events of the day—People –way of life / -nature / -geography / -architecture 206635893761Use the word “you”.00Use the word “you”.Place you stayedSomething you didSomebody you met7289806985Transition WordsTransition WordsP3P4P5 conclusion (end) recommendation, lesson, final critique.