It jungle where everyone does whatever

It is true that people often don’t like rules since it represents a kind of restriction, but the fact remains that it is necessary for everybody to have an organized life and to be equal. So how can the rules be important to promote an environment where people can learn, and teach both discipline and self-control?Rules are important simply because it helps to avoid chaos and misunderstanding, and without them it will be similar to the jungle where everyone does whatever he wants to do. For example, imagine a school without rules, it will be a mess; Driving without following the traffic laws can cause disasters and even death. Even a game cannot be played without rules. Rules enables people to be organized correctly , starting from the house chores to the functioning of a whole country . They dictate what is proper and what is wrong and especially fairness and safety.

It may be difficult at first to live in an restricted environment but it is not impossible. We can begin by not letting our selfishness take control of our actions , respect each other’s right and learn how to communicate properly. To conclude, rules are important to develop a civilized society where people show mutual respect to each other and to make world peaceful and fair .

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