Literacy appropriate use of ICT to use

Literacy – The capability of literacy is the knowledge and skills to use and interpret language well to be able to communicate and participate in a society. It includes word, visual, text and grammar knowledge as well as comprehending and composing texts. It is used by students to express and understand ideas, and information in both social and workplace situations.Numeracy – The capability of numeracy is the knowledge and skills to use maths in a variety of contexts. It teaches skills necessary to complete everyday tasks and can also be used at a higher workplace level.

It includes the patterns, calculations, decimals, percentages, rates, ratios, measurement, statistics and spatial reasoning. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) – The capability of Information and Communication Technology is the safe and appropriate use of ICT to use it to access ideas and information, create ways of communicating of expressing ideas and solving problems. It teaches the skills to use ICT to investigate, communicate, create and operate ICT.Critical and Creative Thinking – The capability of critical and creative thinking is the ability to generate, evaluate and apply knowledge; solve problems; generate new ideas or methods; discover possibilities and to clarify concepts. It is developed through: accessing, using and evaluating information; reflecting on and adjusting ideas where necessary; finding solutions to problems and by posing questions and finding answers.Personal and Social – The personal and social capability is the understanding of one’s self and others; one’s relationships with others and the ability to manage lives, work and learning effectively.

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It is developed by: building and maintaining relationships with others; working well in group situations; creating and reviewing goals; actively participating in community life and by developing an understanding of others.