Local also work with them to re-engage

Local agencies work together to provide a wide range of services to help young people and youth offenders like the youth offending team (YOT for short) which is designed to help young people get back on track if they break a law or commit a crime they work with the young person to find out what their life is like at home in case anything is happing to them at home like they have a parent that is abusing substances like drinking or doing illegal drugs which might of affected them at home and many other things then they also work with them to re-engage with the community and also try to make up for what they did which is also known as restorative justice. The youth justice system is a very important multiagency approach it is made of local agencies who work together to provide help for young offenders and their victims it is very important that these agencies share information and work with each other otherwise incidents like Victoria crimble might happen again because they didn’t share information with each other even though they knew what was happening to her. But what happened after the tragic thing that happened to her was they made the children act 2004 which is a very important act for children’s safety