Lord Capulet character profile analysis

Lord Capulet character profile analysisIn the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, Lord Capulet is a very prominent character. As head of the Capulet household, he has both power and wealth and is depicted as a leader in his community.Lord Capulet is a changeable man who is portrayed as partly to blame for the tragedy.

At the beginning he does not like violence and attempts to stop Tybalt and Romeo as he says “let him adore” and “be patient!”. In contrast to Lady Capulet who is in a rush for Juliet to be married, Lord Capulet is compassionate and gentle towards Juliet and is not willing for her to be married so young saying that she is “yet a stranger to the world…let two more summers wither in their pride, ere we may think her ripe to be a bride” since “she is the hopeful lady of my earth” demonstrating how much Juliet means to him.

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However after Tybalt’s death, there is a distinct change in Lord Capulet’s attitude. He is so upset that his cousin dies, that he loses affability and becomes angry. He insists that Juliet must marry immediately and is enraged that she disobeys him. He calls her a “disobedient wretch” but hits her and threatens to evict her saying “Get thee to church o’Thursday or never after look me in the face. Speak or not”.

This sudden aggression leaves her helpless, so she feels she has no choice but to take the dangerous path. Clearly, although Lord Capulet can be irascible and aggressive, he is an affectionate father who wants the best for Juliet.