Lost decrease an organization’s productivity (Rosiek-Kryszewska, Leksowski, ;

Lost Productivity DiscussionNameInstitutionInstructorCourseDate Lost Productivity DiscussionLost Productivity Due To Ill-Managed System Administration and MaintenanceThe loss of productivity in the workplace is a major concern for the management as this means lack of achievement of organizational goals (Rosiek-Kryszewska, Leksowski, & IGI Global, 2018). This negatively impacts the employers of an organization as they have to put more efforts in addressing the lost productivity. One of the causes of low productivity is an ill-managed system administration and maintenance (Rosiek-Kryszewska, Leksowski, & IGI Global, 2018).

The administration system is important and plays a major role in ensuring constant and improved productivity in an organization. Poor management of the administration system will result into ineffective management practices that will decrease an organization’s productivity (Rosiek-Kryszewska, Leksowski, ; IGI Global, 2018). An example of lost productivity in the healthcare facility due to ill-managed system administration and maintenance include reduced efficiency in Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, which in result affected patient satisfaction and patient outcomes (Rosiek-Kryszewska, Leksowski, ; IGI Global, 2018). Due to the ill-managed system administration, most departments of the healthcare facility did not have access to the necessary resources required in the delivery of healthcare services to patients. A healthcare department without the required resources will not perform its services to the full requirements, which will affect patient outcomes. Continuous quality improvement requires a good planning, which is managed through the administration system, as this is the heart of any organization (Morrison, 2016). The administration system overseas all operations and implements strategies aimed at improving productivity (Morrison, 2016). The administration system has also the responsibility of making important decisions that will impact the productivity of an organization (Rosiek-Kryszewska, Leksowski, ; IGI Global, 2018).

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Due to the ill-managed administration system, patients in the healthcare facility reported negative outcomes with a majority lacking the access to the basic amenities while at the hospital. This was blamed on poor planning and coordination between the hospital management and all other departments, which resulted in an increase in the readmissions rate (Rosiek-Kryszewska, Leksowski, ; IGI Global, 2018). Ill-managed administration system in the healthcare facility also resulted in outdated systems. The healthcare management systems must be regularly updated due to the adverse changes in the healthcare technology (Morrison, 2016). This will allow streamlining healthcare processes, better planning, and utilization of resources. This incident can be prevented by having open communication process where everyone involved in an organization is open and transparent to other staff members. Every staff member should also perform their duties and responsibilities accordingly as they have been trained to even without being supervised (Morrison, 2016).ReferencesMorrison, E.

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