Mobile everybody in this globe must

Mobile phones are very important things and it everybody in this globe must have for communication device. Besides that, mobile phone nowadays can be work as learning instruments. Illustrations of wireless mobile phones based on the following:• Smartphones is a combination of mobile phone and computers which is very supportive in instruction and other things• Web-enabled cellular is like to cellular, but has a capability of accessing the web. It uses wireless application protocol as the system to connect to the web.• Wireless handset is a sort of cellular phone giving a communications framework with more best part, such as voice-activated dialling, a WAP browser, and more than one person for content messaging.

According to Crescente and Lee (2011) definition of mobile learning is consist of variety of meanings. First, for different communities that is refer to E-learning, distance of education between one place to another that only using technology and other educational technology. Besides that, it is also having many different names such personalized learning, M-Learning, learning anytime and anywhere and handheld learning. This is mean that the learners can learn anywhere what they want with no limit of time. By using mobile technologies, it is very helpful to use when teaching and learning

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