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Moreover, if the researchers or a company aim for a representative sample of a population, knowing the distribution of the demographic characteristic of the respondents will help in determining how close the sample replicates the population. Besides, in case test sizes are expansive sufficient, it empowers to distinguish between distinctive sub-groups. This division might offer them bits of knowledge that they would have missed by as it were looking at the total information. However, in doing this survey, asking too many questions can backfire.

A few respondents may end up concerned or disturbed by having to reply an expansive number of demographic questions. Choosing the right demographic question will genuinely grant a noteworthy and important result to help in making superior decisions. The foremost commonly socio-demographic questions are age and education. When inquiring respondents around their age, ideally, the analyst ought to inquire them to fill in their age or their birthday. As the analyst has for each respondent a value, it can be used as a continuous variable within the investigation. In other words, a variable which it can be express differences in magnitude with. Then again, as age might be a delicate issue for a few individuals, analyst may use age categories.

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Depending on how particular it would like to be, analyst can use more/less narrow/wide categories. The second common question is education. More frequently than not there are clear contrast in supposition between respondents with a distinctive educational level. In addition, educational level is the most part inquired ‘the highest level of education completed’ which is additionally very frequently used as a proxy for income. In certain countries, such as Belgium, respondents are not too sharp on ‘openly’ discussing their income, even if it is an anonymous survey (Dobronte, 2013). Subsequently, to keep as numerous respondents as possible on board, analyst often prefer barring questions approximately the wage. It is then argued that the educational level gives an impression of the respondent’s income, or more generally its socio-economic status (SES).

When surveying respondents about their educational level, it is important to keep in mind that the school framework is not the same in each nation.