Music Growing up, her parents were afraid

Music isn’t just a coping skill for the audience, but for the artist themselves. P!nk, born Alecia Beth Moore, in Pennsylvania, portrays her life and the struggles she went through in her music. She had a harsh upbringing and a similar relationship to that of her parents, with respect to gender norms and suppressed individuality, all of which she overcame, empowering her and now at this point in her life uses to use her music as a positive outlet to help others. Isolation was an early obstacle in P!nk’s life. Growing up, her parents were afraid of and for her, and aside from this, she didn’t have many friends, due to their parents viewing her as a bad influence.(include quotes, anecdotes, examples here….why did they think this of her?) Her upbringing is what led to her downfall in mental health, and she viewed music as a way to escape.

Relationships started forming early on in her life. Parents are the first real role models portrayed to their children, and therefore they shape their views of the world. “Every time you say something, take an action or have a reaction to someone or something, your child is observing your behavior. As infants, this is how children gain language skills and eventually learn to talk. Preschoolers depend upon observation as they begin to understand and test the workings of interpersonal relationships. And even teenagers—although you might not believe it!—are listening to your words and observing your actions, examining how you handle everything from personal relationships to stress to career disappointments” (SCAN). For P!nk though, her parents didn’t always create the best environment growing up.

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“Their split and the subsequent demise of the marriage sparked, in part, a rebellious attitude from Pink. ‘I was never allowed to go over to any of my friends’ houses when I was little, because I was a bad influence, she said of her early life. None of their parents liked me and my own parents were scared to death of me— and for me'” (A&E Network). Good! This quote relates to the song “Family Portrait” from her first album Missundazstood, where she speaks about how her parents separation affected her growing up.

Another song, “Who Knew” from her album, I’m Not Dead, represents how she viewed her youth and teen years as being out of control. Though as she grew up she learned more about the paths she chose and the decisions she made. As a child, she was isolated not only from her parents, but also from other children. For both examples, incorporate actual lyrics to underscore your point. From as young as she can remember, she saw music as a sign of freedom, to help her get away from the harsh reality she faced. As she escaped, and was introduced into the music world, she ended up experimenting with drugs, “nearly ‘overdosing’ at the age of 15” (A&E Network), and it got to a point where she dropped out of high school, returning a few years later to get her G.

E.D. From that same album, Missundazstood, came a song called “Just Like a Pill” that showed how far she fell into the world of drugs.