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My name is Yagnik Patel.

I’m an international student at Sheridan College in Electronic Engineering Technician program. I’m belongs to India and it is the country of oldest civilization on the planet around 4,000 years. The essential things about Indian culture are great cultivated correspondence and communication. India is a nation, where individuals from various religions like Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs are lives respectively as one and gently with their very own different societies and customs. People have different traditions and conventions as per their very own religions. In addition, we praise our celebrations as per our very own societies, ceremonies, on that day we implore God, sing our ceremonial melodies, and do bunches of exercises. The national language of India is Hindi, in spite of this there are just about 20 official dialects are spoken every day in India in its different states and domains likes Gujarati in Gujarat, Punjabi in Punjab and Marathi in Bombay and so on.

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Lots of decades came however; nobody was so great to change our genuine Indian culture. Moreover, even after the modernization, the Indian’s way of life has been changed, but they haven’t changed their way of life and customary qualities. For instance, the way of life of youthful age and old generation is as yet associated and it’s unbreakable. In nutshell, our way of life dependably instructs us to regard senior citizens, encourage the destitute and needy individuals.