My induced by a failed futures investment.

My story about Finance would start from my earliest childhood. I grew up with being exposed to different kinds of numbers and line chart for my grandfather, who was a businessman in the oil and fats industry, checked them everyday. With age, I got to know that the thing my grandfather did was called futures trading.

Unfortunately, my grandpa died because of his liver cancer which induced by a failed futures investment. Despite at a young age, I just simply hoped that one day I could be equipped with financial knowledge to figure out the future trend and bring my grandfather back. Since then, the interest in the financial world flourished during my childhood and adolescence in my heart. Also, my father is a businessman, and in his opinion, finance is not merely a major stressing on right and wrong. Instead, Finance is the core and booster of the modern economy which is closely bound up with people’s daily life and ensure world’s economy run on the track. These all motivate me to further my study in the magic field of finance.

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During the 4 years’ undergraduate study in major of Economics and Statistics, taking courses in Stock ; Financial Market, Financial Economics, International Monetary Economics, International trade Banking ; Financial Markets allowed much growth of knowledge in investment issues in different industries. And my course works in linear algebra, statistics, along with my extensive calculus background, allowed me to function well within the program. I shall mingle education with practical application and bring to the table interesting problems from my experience and past education. Several challenges encountered through my course related financial projects provide motivation and opportunity for methodological innovation. For example, based on only one set of data provided, I used the CAPM model and efficient market hypothesis to reasonably forecast stock market trends and price behavior trend with an analysis report.

Moreover, I attempted to analyze the impact of the Fed’s continuous interest rate hike and monetary policy in several major economies around the world, such as of Canada, Japan and China on the basis of the Fed’s six interest rate hikes in FY2017, which further confirms the operability and reference value of the model in real events. The data collection, processing and presentation issues presented are integral to my future goals and will in turn build a solid foundation for a life-long career.Only by applying theoretical knowledge to practice could I truly understand Finance industry.As an intern a in Financial Department, I gained loads of precious practical experience by using the daily accounting system of state-owned enterprises during the whole month in my first internship in China Tea Co.

, Ltd. Beijing Headquarters. What’s more, as a green hand, this intern will undoubtedly further advance my academic skills and reinforce my communication skill to handle social relationship and adapt the new environment quickly and work under great pressure. Moreover, I mainly involved myself in the business-like reviewing, issuing and batching credit cards, collecting debt, summarize customers information, and superior report and learned the specific workflow of the banking system in my second internship in the Bank Card Business Department of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Co., Ltd. Liaoning Branch, serving in the credit card department. The most harvested internship was that I got the chance in the finance department of Arup Engineering Consulting (Shanghai) Co.

, Ltd, Beijing Branch, where I experienced a quite different enterprise management system for the company adopted a unified system with the German headquarters and learned about the main operating mechanisms of the banking industry and the company, and mastered more basic financial skills, as well as gained practical work ability different from theoretical knowledge in class. For the last several years, the internship experience have provided me with invaluable insight into how both large and small companies operate. Meanwhile, the real contact with the financial industry has further strengthened my passion to study Finance. The crucial ability in interaction with people, teamwork and time management have been highly improved.I also dedicated much time to campus activities, in which I held a number of leadership positions. Under the influence of my family and business interest, I tried a small-scale start-up, in which I established a team to print , sale a counseling book for students written by myself and check cost account and managed to continue the sales activities by communicating and arranging sales teams every month via Skype video calls and formulating a reasonable reward and punishment system to ensure team members’ working enthusiasm since my high school. The small team still works well and keeps gaining profits, during which, the special start-up has given me a sense of accomplishment and maturity and helped me understand business operation mechanism.

After that, I donated all the personal profit as charity and I also participated in support teaching activities to help children in remote mountainous areas frequently. I share close bonds of understanding with my target community and feel that I can make a significant difference in their lives with the aid of future education and development. All the experience I mentioned above have cultivated me into a well-round developed individual with good personalities.In order to better accomplish postgraduate study and bfze more competitive in financial industrial, I prepared myself in CFA and participated in the workshops of various professional skills training like VBA and Python, catching the future tendency of the big data era. Several goals have been set.

First, with a better understanding and perception of the financial market in the United States, I will establish my own precious network. Then, after 3 to 5 years’ work in the local large financial company or investment bank, striving to partner with friends, I may look for opportunities to set up our own company and keep it sustainable developing, which will be my long-term goal. While I have no doubt that the program will push me to my limits, I am confident that I can face the rigorous challenges posed by graduate study and thrive under the demanding environment that advanced studies entail. Should I be accepted, I would exceed your expectation and continue to live up to my goal ceaselessly.

Thank you for kindly considering my application.