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One of the influencing aspects that have been greatly changed in Britain since 1950s is literature. Literary life is highly developed as well as a variety of genres and styles that have appeared in fiction, poetry and drama with a wide range of themes. Post-modern literary works include, as we mentioned before, varied themes that can be classified according to the issues are tackled as follows:A) – Themes concerning global problems: War, peace, the environmental protection, the relations between mankind and universe.B) – Central social themes: Duties and obligations of an individual, human nature, power and money … (Shevchenko 203).Contemporary literature does not aim to reproduce ‘reality’ but rather to reflect on the relation between reality, fiction and history, often highlighting the ways in which realism and modernism have implicitly represented.

Shevchenko also expresses that the term postmodernism is used to represent a number of trends in the arts, philosophy, religion, technology, literature and many other areas that come after modernism movements. In general, the postmodern view is cool, ironic and tolerant of the fragmentation of contemporary existence. It tends to concentrate on surfaces rather than depths, to blur the distinctions between high and low culture (207). According to Alegre (9-12), four main trends which have helped the evolution of post-war English literature:

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