Online distractions that cause shoppers to spend more

Online Shopping Saves More Money With the development of information technology, our lives have became more convenient. Internet has became the basic necessity for us as it helps us to save a lot energy doing things without going out. For example, we can pay bills, buy groceries, watch movies and find for information just sitting in front of the computer.

One of the most popular Internet usage will be online shopping. In my opinion, online shopping is beneficial as it reduces our expenditure. Online shopping saves more money. Many argue that online shopping wastes more money as it comes with more distractions that cause shoppers to spend more money.

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Tabs like “Things you might like” or “More like this” appear after an item is added into the cart causes shoppers tend to purchase more. However, through online shopping, customers are able to compare prices to shop smarter. Other than the product’s competitive pricing information, shoppers can also get other information like product review and site review through its website. It helps shoppers in making decision on where to buy their goods online. Although shoppers might tend to purchase more on online shopping, it is definitely more worthy when they are able to get their necessary goods with cheaper prices than what they get from store.

For example, through Lazada, an online shopping application, we can view and compare the prices of the same product from different online stores to purchase that product with a cheaper yet worthy price. In conclusion, online shopping saves more money. In a nutshell, online shopping