Organizing As one of the biggest quick service/fast

Organizing can be define as a process to determine what task to be done,who will do the tasks and how the tasks will be managed and coordinated to accomplish organizational objectives. Burger King Corporation does have its own organizational culture which could build up the level of performance among the employees.

The organizational culture of Burger King has values,traditions and habits which directly or indirectly affect the activities of the employees. As one of the biggest quick service/fast food restaurant chains in the world,Burger King Corporation always keep their employees merged to the organizational order to keep them in a unified outlook in developing the human resources.The company’s goal of continued global growth is the root for the organizational culture.The Burger King’s organizational culture main characteristics are bold and empowerment, fun,accountable,meritocratic and performance driven. A company’s organizational structure clearly explains the contents and system used for its business activities. Due to leadership and the ownership transitions the organizational structure of Burger King Corporation varies according to years.In a close observation,Burger King Corporation’s has been improved highly since the organizational structure of this company has been reformed.

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As a result of its merger with the Canadian firm Tim Hortons in 2014 the company was reorganized. Burger King Corporation’s is based on a centralized approach to polish control and increase management effectiveness.In the iniciative of forming Restaurant Brands International(RBI), Burger King Corporation merged with Tim Hortons in 2014.The keys of Burger King Corporation’s are global centralization,functional groups and geographic divisions. Under global centralization,In 2001, then CEO John Dasburg revitalize Burger King’s organizational structure from a decentralized one to a globally centralized structure.In other point,Functional Groups mainly focuses on basic business functions such as human resource management, legal, and IT.For instance there are different poses as Senior Vice President (SVP) for Global Operations, an Executive Vice President (EVP) for Finance, and an EVP who functions as the Global Chief Marketing Officer in Burger King Corporation.As a tertiary characteristic,they had geographic divisions.Headed by an Executive Vice President Burger King Corporation has its geographic locations in North America,Europe,Middle East and Africa,Latin America and the Caribbean and Asia Pacific.