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Other way can engaging in lifelong learning is by Experiment with new ways to learnsuch as Trying a variety of ways in drawing diagrams, watching documentaries, creating mind maps and using music to study are some alternative ways students can approach learning. At the same time we can engaging lifelong learning by involved in a group study, the truth is learning with others is often more rewarding than learning on your own. For one thing, you get to see how other people interpret the same information in different ways, which is priceless information in and of itself. Last point for engaging lifelong learning by attend a class in real world and by offer classes such as a Ramayanam study, religious history, and so on.

Taking a class is not the only way to continue learning. Developing a hobby or pursuing a passionate interest such as yoga or dance can produce the same life-enhancing effects. For me we can engaging people in alot of way to stay in lifelong learning.

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