Our deliver optimal outcomes. As Development Manager

Our proposed design approach goes beyond physical buildings, incorporating place, safety, sustainability, diversity and community. This means mixed and inclusive neighbourhoods where residents from all age groups lead happy and fulfilling lives, and where economic, environmental and social outcomes are all essential elements of the project deliveryThrough a competitive tendering and evaluation process, the HDV will select consultants who share our HDV vision and values. Assessing responses, understanding capabilities and embracing the ideas that good design can offer is key to ensuring we deliver optimal outcomes.As Development Manager for the HDV, Lendlease will provide access to UK and global leading design expertise, plus the ability to apply the Lendlease Design Team’s review capability. This comprises of a range of specialists (architects, structural, mechanical, electrical, sustainability and façade engineers) who can review and contribute to ensuring the most efficient and effective end solutions.Regular detailed internal reviews at key design stages will enhance the design solutions and mitigate design risks in the programme.

This approach will ensure that designs can be efficiently procured, built safely, on budget and programme. Further explanation of our delivery approach is included in the HDV Delivery Business Plan.

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