Overall, the root cause of the American

Overall, it is evident that largely, slavery was the root cause of the American Civil War because it remained the common issue at the centre of each conflict that happened in the lead up to the American Civil War. The Declaration of Independence and the US constitution failed to address this issue possibly due to the fact that slavery was present in all the states at the time and thus, addressing it would not cause complete ratification from all states present at the time. This argument is further developed in the strong abolitionist movement as the growth of this sense of liberation and independence that grew rapidly in those years foreshadowed the imminent Civil War.

As well as that, the concerns surrounding Westward Expansion that plagued both sides in the 1820s and the 1850s, as demonstrated by Senator Rufus King’s speech, a primary source of the time which also contributes to this view as it was the issue of slavery and if it will be implemented in the states’ system that further embittered relations.

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