PART sin is as bad

PART 1: BIBLICAL MESSAGES – A woman caught in adultery, John 8:1-11 1. The key idea of this story is that although adultery is a very bad sin, Jesus forgives no matter how punishable it is.

Instead of punishing this woman, he wanted to heal her and lead her out of her sinful life. 2. This biblical message suggests that adultery is such a bad sin that it is punishable by death. Jesus wants people to be faithful to their partners and not be unfaithful. It also suggests that any other sin is as bad as adultery, because Hesus said “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her”.

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It is clear that the bible does not approve of adultery. PART 2: MEDIA WATCH TV SHOW: Friends EPISODE: Season 5 episode 12 This video from the episode conveyed three of the statements provided on the sheet, relating to sex and relationships. These statements were: A lifetime monogamous relationship is boring, only young, popular and beautiful people get to do ‘it’: the old, unpopular and ugly never get to do ‘it’, and that sex is just a physical thing, it doesn’t really matter whether people love each other or not.

=t’s not as if anyone gets emotionally or psychologically scarred because they sleep around. The statement, ‘A lifetime monogamous relationship is boring’ was shown when Janice says, “Chandler is in Yemen. =’m a young woman, = have needs.

= can’t wait forever” after the hook up with Ross. This implies that she was cheating on Chandler with Ross. It also implies that a lifetime monogamous relationship is boring because she says “=’m a young woman, = have needs”. This line suggests that a monogamous relationship does not fulfil a woman’s needs. The second statement conveyed was that only young, popular and beautiful get to do ‘it’: the old, unpopular and ugly never get to do ‘it’. This message was shown throughout the scene, because Ross’s friends’ disapproval of his hook up with Hanice was very obvious. Janice seemed to be unpopular within the friend group and thought of as strange.

This is why Ross’s friends were surprised and shocked to hear that he had hooked up with her and judged him for it. The friends’ disapproval was immediately shown when Janice walked in the door and they all glared at Ross. They also showed that they were judging Ross when Hanice says “Take a moment before you judge me.

” And one of the friends says “Oh nobody’s judging you.” as she turns and glares at Ross. In addition to this, after Hanice left, Rachel says, “Ross, Hanice?!” in disbelief. =t is very clear that Hanice is unpopular and thought of by the friends, as someone who would never get to do ‘it’.

The final statement conveyed was that sex is just a physical thing and it doesn’t really matter whether people love each other or not; it’s not as if anyone gets emotionally or psychologically scarred because they sleep around. Ross and Janice did not love each other and were not even in a relationship. This was made clear since she stated that she was with Chandler. Since it was shown that the two did not love each other, it conveys the message that sex is just a physical thing. It doesn’t matter who you do it with and it’s ok to sleep around. =t is even more evident that they did not love each other, since Janice ends things with Ross over small things, towards the end of the episode.

PART 3 – COMPARING AND CONTRASTING CHOSEN SHOW TO THE BIBLE. a) The bible says that having sex affects the whole person. This message is displayed in the episode when Janice was emotionally affected after she had sex with Ross.

It seemed that she started to regret it at the end of the episode and ends things with Ross. This shows that sex not only affects someone physically, but also emotionally and psychologically. b) It is very clearly stated in the bible that adultery is a punishable sin. It also says that God thinks marriage is important and to be treated with respect. The episode contradicted these biblical ideas about love and sexual behaviour because of the hook up between Ross and Janice.

Janice had committed adultery, since she cheated on Chandler with Ross and was not respecting her marriage/relationship by doing this. Therefore, the characters went against the biblical understandings of love and sexuality. PART 4 – REFLECTION a) Young people are often faced with many misconceptions about love and sexual behaviour. This is mainly due to the dominant messages that the media portrays. Popular TV shows and movies often portray false ideas of what a healthy relationship is like and misleads young people into having the same expectations for their relationships. The media also portrays the idea that everyone is doing ‘it’, so young people may feel pressured to have sex before they are ready.

b) There are many sources where young people can go to for guiding wisdom and helpful advice about love and sex. Three of them are: the bible, their parents and/or a friend they trust. The bible has many good messages of wisdom about love and sex that is different to the misleading messages provided by the media. It also offers helpful advice for when they are faced with a problem and don’t know what to do. Parents are also a good choice for young people to turn to, because they can know that their parents will love them unconditionally, no matter what they are about to tell them.

This can give young people a sense of security and trust when telling them about their issues. Parents are also likely to offer reliable advice because they are much older and more experienced. Finally, it is ideal to confide in a trusted friend, since young people will likely feel the most comfortable around them. Friends can be supportive and helpful during times when they need help and the young person can ask for help without feeling shame, because of the close and trusting friendship. c) The two biblical messages about love and sexual behaviours that I would like to remember, are: love is not rude, love cares about others and is mannerly and that God thinks people’s bodies are valuable.

I would like to remember these because they will be important for my relationships and guide me in the right direction about how a healthy relationship should be.