Planning present for our presentation in

Planning Before our summit start, first thing we do is to plan of what do we need and what do we need to prepare for our summit. Me and my group in our course, what we did is we plan first of what do we need to present for the summit, in every member in our group, they have their designated part to present for our presentation in summit, also I am part of it. Then, after we decided of the plan that we made. We proceed then in making our logo for our course, after an hour we finished to edit making our logo.

Then, after that we also consider of what attire will be fit to us during the summit start. So what we did is we plan and we decided to wear a formal attire, it is because we don’t have a pilot attire, maybe sooner if our dream come true. So, I realized that planning is the best way in order to e perfect and be satisfied in your ways in presenting of something. After we decided of what plan that we made, we go to our immersion teacher so the he give us some suggestion in order to clarify it, when it is good or bad for us to present for our presentation. So, what we did is to follow his suggestion, then after all those sudden things that we spend, for us to be prepared for summit.PreparationOn this day, there are several things that we did just to work on our requirements in other subject. Even if we so tired enough, because in every subject, there were lot of activities we should cope up in order to pass it.

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So this day is kind’a serious day, what we did is just to prepare and practice of what do we need to practice, so that on summit we were presenting just like an professional. Even if we were so busy in other subject, we didn’t forget to rest in order to have a good condition for the summit tomorrow. What we did on this day is that we practice and practice more on practice in order to be confident and we practice also our gestures in order to act just like a professionals for tomorrows summit. Time goes by, during in our practicum in immersion subject, we did our best just to act like an professional. So that’s the thing that says that we were ready for the summit’s big event. After we finished our practicum in our immersion subject.

Me and my teammates work hard together just to prepare our presentation for tomorrows summit. During Summit On February 28, 2018, that day, is our time that we have all accomplished. We as one community, we as one family, and united as what we called “Young Professionals”. This day is what we desired for our brighter future, to become a professional. So now, as we were all gathered as a young professionals. We were so grateful the time that all of as a young professionals. In every table there were young professionals who were sitting just like an professionals did.

We were all sitting, listening in every presentations and testimonials that as been presented during summit. Every one of us has an assigned task to present, and that was the thing that we were planning, practicing and preparing for, just for this big event. This big event is the best of the best that we experience among all those event. It is because we have all experienced to become a professional as a young professionals. During the summit, we were so grateful that all of those sudden that we spend is all worth it.

So now, let me say that being a professional is kind’a challenging position, but it is worth it, it is because all of the efforts that you put in every work has an equivalent of a valuable things just like of being a professional, and that’s what I want it for my brighter future.