Proteins becomes compromised. Proteins play important

Proteins are made up of amino acids and are vital in building muscle and repairing injured tissue. Amino acids are linked to each other to create a chain that forms a polypeptide. Amino acids essentially are building blocks of proteins.

Functions of proteins depend on the shape of proteins. Proteins play an essential role in various physiological processes and are used in antibodies, hormones, and enzymes. If the event of protein’s shape distortion, the function of the affected protein becomes compromised. Proteins play important role in catalyzing chemical reactions, they synthesize and repair  DNA strands, transport various nutrients and materials across the cell membrane; proteins can send and receive chemical messages; they also provide structural support to cellular structures. Recommend daily intake of protein is anywhere from 10 to 46 grams depending on the age.

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Lacto-ovo vegetarians get the necessary amount of protein due to consumption of dairy and eggs that are high in protein.