Rapid Although the planning phase is

Rapid Application Development (RAD) is a structured development method that attempts to quickly generate systems without sacrificing quality. RAD’s goal is to build commercial software that meets user needs in a short period of time from 60 to 90 days.Phase 1: Demand PlanningThis phase is equivalent to a project scoping meeting. Although the planning phase is streamlined compared to other project management methods, it is a key step in the ultimate success of the project.At this stage, developers, customers (software users) and team members communicate to determine the goals and expectations of the project and the current and potential issues that need to be addressed during the build.

The basic breakdown of this phase includes: – Study current issues – Define project requirements – Approval of each stakeholder to finalize the requirementsIt is important that everyone has the opportunity to assess the goals and expectations of the project and weigh them. By gaining approval from each key stakeholder and developer, the team can avoid miscommunication and costly change orders.

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