Regarding is high and 39 (26.5%) stated

Regarding to item 1 of Table 6, out of the sample respondents 59 (40.1%) indicated satisfaction with the provision and 88 (59.

9%) of respondents have not been satisfied with the situation of water supply and distribution. As item 2 of Table 6, the study result shows that causes of dissatisfaction, 19 (12.9%) indicated water supply is scarce or inadequate, 12 (8.

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2%) described water is unsafe for human consumption, 18 (12.2%) stated per unit cost of water supply is high and 39 (26.5%) stated the existing water interruptions. Related to per unit cost the sample households indicated during in field observation that, when they fetch water from the public taps and neighbors’ tap they are paying 1 and 2 birr per 20 liters of water. Also, the majority of the community indicated during interview they travelled long distance which is more than 1 kilometers to fetch water from their house and the average use of water for daily consumption indicated 10-15 liter per person in the study area. Whereas, above mentioned the majority of the respondents (59.

9%) were not happy at the present drinking water supply service of the town. As a result, there is dissatisfaction among the sample household respondents concerning the water supply and distribution of the town. Table 4.6: Households access to potable water