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RESEARCH BASED ONDIFFERENT APPLICATIONScenter850009088120November 27, 20181000000November 27, 2018Mobile app, Desktop app, Web app and mobile Web app-Mobile App CITATION Pri18 l 1033 (Viswanathan, 2018)A mobile application is an application software designed to run on a mobile device.-Desktop APP CITATION Chr18 l 1033 (Jackson, 2018)A desktop application is an application that is designed to run in a desktop computer but it can fully function with or without the computer in the computer.-Web APP CITATION Dan18 l 1033 (Nations, 2018)A web app is a client-server application software that runs in a web browser.

Mobile Web App CITATION Bre14 l 1033 (Norman, 2014): This are mobile applications that need a web browser to be installed on the mobile device and they actually need the web browser only.considerations looked at when developing this applications-MOBILE APP CITATION SHW16 l 1033 (SHARMA, 2016): Considerations looked at when developing the mobile app is concept proofing to see if the application can be a solution to the people and also another consideration is mobile platform meaning that is your mobile app is going to be successful somehow or not.-DESKTOP APP- CITATION Dav16 l 1033 (Green, 2016): Considerations looked at when developing the desktop app is the appropriate programing language meaning that by being able to know which programming language to use will help you in knowing is it an windows application and which programming language does it require to be used.-WEB APP CITATION Sou16 l 1033 (Banerjee, September 8, 2016): Considerations looked at when developing a web app is that we look at requirement analysis meaning that the solution that will be developed will be developed based on the customer needs.-MOBILE WEB APP CITATION BRI11 l 1033 (CASE, 2011): In mobile web application what we consider when developing a mobile web is the progressive web apps meaning that as we develop the mobile web applications can the web application load like regular web pages but at the same time work offline. trends in development-Mobile app trends in development: CITATION Wil18 l 1033 (Kelly, 2018)People are running from native mobile apps and they are going to progressive web apps which is a trend under mobile app.

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-Desktop app trend in development: CITATION Hen18 l 1033 (Cipriano, 2018)The desktop app is now changing or leaping to the cloud now the focus is on the cloud which is a trend under desktop app.-Web app trend in development: CITATION BYA18 l 1033 (ZOLCIA, 2018)A rise in the popularity of progressive web apps is now a trend which is now looked at and focused on under web app.-Mobile web app trend in development: CITATION Sco18 l 1033 (Calonico, 2018)A split screen in the web and also in the mobile interface is now a trend which is now looked at and focused on under mobile web app. agile methods in mobile application CITATION And10 l 1033 (Spataru, 2010)The Mobile-D is an agile method of a mobile application which also have its own phases like the (SDLC) which are as follows,Explore,initialize,productionize,stabilize and system Test & Fix.EXPLORE is when exploring a group of a team generate a well plan which will help them in a process of developing a mobile application. Under this phase there different tasks which are associated with the phase which includes the establishment of customers who are really used in this phase as they take part in this development process as they help in various ways like initial project planning.INITIALIZE this is the next phase that the development team understand the product in development and prepare important resources which are used for production activities.

PRODUCTIONIZE this third phase focuses mainly in implementation and this is where most of the implementation must be complete. This phase deals also with different activities like analyzing the requirements, planning the iteration contents, and creating acceptance tests that will be run later in release days.STABILIZE AND SYSTEM TEST & FIX this is where a lot of testing is done and this two last phases are used for finalizing the product.References BIBLIOGRAPHY Banerjee, S., September 8, 2016.

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