Safeguarding bruises and many more. Other signs would

Safeguarding is designed to make sure that children, young people and vulnerable adults are protected and secure at all times. Children, young people and adults have confidentiality with personal information. We should never discuss or speak about another persons personal information unless necessary. If this child, young person or adult we’re to confine in you for a personal issue that puts their wellbeing at risk or danger then you have to go forth with the statement to senior manger to take further action. An example of a scenario may be if an indication of a child, young person or adult who may have been neglected/abuse either at home or in care/foster home. Signs of physical neglect would show that the child, young person or adult would be unhygienic, have unwashed clothing, underweight, dental decay, bruises and many more.

Other signs would show that there is sexual abuse happening such as, frightened to be alone, physical love bites, STI and even unplanned pregnancy.Children, young people and adults can also be let down by mentally and emotional neglect. The signs of mental and emotional abuse would be: Loss in self confidence, social withdrawal, depression and avoidance of certain situation, going to school , etc. In this situation you have to find out all evidence before making any judgment or accusations. It is our responsibility to breach theses confidentiality rules if we are ever in a situation like this to protect children, young people and adults in vulnerable positions.

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