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Sebastian Cardenas1/5/18Period 6 MONSTER by Walter Dean Myers is a story about a boy named Steve Harmon who is convicted of the murder of Mr. Nesbitt who was an owner of a drugstore. O’Brien who is Steve’s attorney is trying to prove him innocent. Mr.

King who is the other defendant and the murder of Mr. Nesbitt is trying to prove Steve guilty. When Steve started to see that he was losing the case, he began to have suicidal thoughts. At the end of the story, the jury proved Steve innocent and King guilty. At the beginning of the story, Steve was insecure.

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He was also discouraging because he would only look at the bad things of the situation. Throughout the story, Steve was naive because he would only record himself to see who he is through the outside. Early in the story, Steve doesn’t say yes or no to king for the robbery.

In page 51, if Steve want to be a part of the job, but Steve says he doesn’t know. Then a couple of days later, two detectives go to Steve’s house investigating about the robber and the murder of Mr.Nesbitt. The two detectives take Steve to the police station to ask him questions, but ended up detaining him. At this point Steve learns that bad things could happen to good people (page, 124). As the story progressed, Steve started to write in his journal as a script for a movie. In page 16 O’Brien asked Steve to write down any question he had but, he responded that he was writing down all the things that are happening to him. Steve wants to make a movie about his experiences of the time he was persecuted.

Steve’s actions show that he is insecure about his case and uses hobbies to distract himself from reality. When Steve was in prison, he would avoid interactions from the other prisoners because he hears the other prisoner only talk about hurting people (page, 45). As the story closes the jury convicted King of the murder of Mr.Nesbitt. After the case, Steve’s dad left, Steve felt that the distance grew bigger and bigger. Steve realized his dad didn’t know who he was. Steve was still naïve, he would keep recording himself trying to find who he is from the outside.

At the end Steve notice O’Brien looking at him and seeing something, this caused Steve to even more curious about who he is. In the literary MONSTER by Walter Dean Myers, the reader learns of how the criminal Justice system is broken, which make people get a fair trial hard. The reason why the criminal justice system is broken because people get prejudices on how the look and not on how the act. The character Steve teaches us that people get prejudice before their trial and don’t get a very fair trial.As the story progresses, steves relationship with his attorney started to grow bigger, before Steve’s attorney has doubts of his inniconces.a Before the case Steve and king were just peers and would only talk for a bit. People he knew would say he was a good kid, his teacher Mr.

Sawicki and his mom. When the case ended Steve’s relationship with his dad started to deteriorate over time. Steve’s relationships would tell us that he is a good kid because he didn’t take part on the job he was only their when they planned it. In the book it say,” even though i am younger than they are, it’s hard to not notice we are all pretty young.”