Shakespeare king.The writer does this to

Shakespeare presents the supernatural as manipulative and devious through the withces’ characters.This is elucidated through the Banquos advice to Macbet, “… and oftentimes to win us to our harm”The reader can deude that the witches symbolises evil and are misleading in the sense, that they tell Macbeth simple truths in order to utilize him to their advantageThe phrase “harm” shows their deliberate intention to influence Macbeth and morally confuse him at his own expense. The witches deliberately exploit his immense desire to become king.The writer does this to illumate the captivation the supernatural withheld Macbeth in and to foreshadow Macbeths future downfall. Shakespear presents the witches as unconvential as they speak in trochaic tetrameter which contasts with the usual iambic pentameter, used by others in the play. This is shown through the upe “double, double toil and trouble” The reader can come to the conclusion that their language is imitation of casting a spell, which conveys an evident sense of supernatural and evil. This isolates the witches from rest of society because of the differntation in how tey speak.

This evokes fear within the reader as they are evidently the product of evil. THIS WOULD PARTICULARLLY FRIGHTEN Elizabethan audience as religion was bane of their lifes, resulting in utmost of supernatural. The supernatural is portrayed to epitomise all things evil.

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This is evident as Banquo refers the witches as “instruments of darkness”. The reader can theorise that the witches are instruments of malicious forces which seek to mislead Macbeth onto a corrupt path, tempting him to fufill his ambitions by malevolent methods. The noun darkness connotes evil, fear and ultimately,death. The writer does this to foreshadow the supernatural and their intentions