Situational to youngsters. Kids enjoy his easy-going demeanor

Situational Analysis:-Rocky Soccer Academy: In 2006, Henning founded the Rocky Soccer Academy- a tribute to the proximity of the Rocky Mountains. Henning’s soccer training business is one of the few companies providing soccer training.

-Mr. Karl Henning- the personality: In 2000, a young Karl Henning came to the United States on a soccer scholarship. He grew up playing soccer on many competitive teams through high school and had a brief professional career in England. Due to injuries, he cut his professional career short and started coaching soccer to kids, which was another passion of his. He really knows how to teach the game to youngsters. Kids enjoy his easy-going demeanor ,British accent and his charismatic personality. Karl conducted 10 different camps and also trained 11 different Rocky 3v3 soccer teams that competed in tournaments across the state and nations. 2 years later in 2008, four of his teams competed in the national 3v3 soccer tournament, which ended up with one winning a national championship.

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For some help with the training, Karl invited a few friends over from England to keep up with the growing clients.-The Brand- Karl Hennington named his Academy “Rocky” after the Rocky Mountains, as a tribute to the proximity of the mountains, which showed his patriotic fervor. The Academy gains it’s recognition and the reputation of the organization gradually spreads among people as the success of the Academy Teams made the jerseys a great promotion vehicle after great performance in each game.-Customers: The level of awareness of the program is maximum among soccer players of 10-13 ages and is satisfactory among families with soccer playing kids 6-9 aged. Maximum number of customers among overall clients are 10-13 age kids from Fort Collins , other camps in Boulder and Northglenn are limited currently, but successful as well.

Options:-Develop programs specifically targeted for kids over 14 to increase customer retention.-Encourage current customers to purchase more through effective marketing strategy-Enter new markets to lure in new customers in order to expand business/Develop new programs for kids of 6-9 years of age to increase marketing penetration-Serve in more kids from Loveland, Longmont and Greely by establishing new training centre in an mid-point location between the three cities for easy access.-Objectives:Short Term:1) To expand within nearby cities2)To spread awareness of the program among maximum number of peopleLong Term:1) To increase maximum customer retention alongside profit volume 2) To maintain the reputation of the organization CRITERIA(Descending order)-Profit Maximization criterion: The most important criterion in the long term is profit maximization as a need to grow the business in order to create a favorable environment for better training.-Risk criterion: Cities away from Fort Collins such as Loveland and Greely have low awareness level of program compared to Fort Collins , thus there is less chance of parents in these communities to send their kids for training as they are not familiar with the philosophy and programs of the organization.-Brand identity criterion: Rocky Soccer Academy is reputed for the coaches, their teaching methods, the principle of program, their attitude towards the kids and their personality. The performance of the kids is represented by their jersey, which acts as an promoting agent. The level of awareness of the program among the people is what separates the organization from the others.-Flexibility criterion: The option chosen should offer flexibility to Karl Hennington while making decisions in favor of the organization.

ALTERNATIVES:1)Introduction of Specific training drill programs with particular skill and trick sets based on performance level and targeted age groups.2)Expanding business by targeting new cities to serve more kids and aware them about the program.3) Introducing new markets for new opportunities to grow the business in a different platform.Evaluation of Alternatives:1)Enabling all the kids to have a certain level of skills, and after acquiring that level, the selected players based on their skills and age will be provided with intense purpose oriented training fit for them with all necessary tools. Such training will keep them focused on their work and they will accept any kind of help from the academy for training purposes, thus making the best of current customers and a way to attract more, increasing the awareness of program at all age groups.2)Organizing and conducting friendly soccer matches within nearby cities against their teams will create high level of advertisement of the Academy, allowing the awareness to spread even more and facilitating training centers in nearby points of such cities will open opportunities to work with large number of kids and trust will be maintained in each community, thus increasing the awareness percentage of program in each age group, leading to increase in new customers in each group.

3)Maintaining relation with new cities provides the opportunity to explore and know about new markets with new possibilities. What failed to be done through one route can be completed via another. If the current system is not working, adapt and try another one. Most kids tend to lose interest in soccer after crossing the age of 15, so is said. Thus, with the help of new markets, an organization can either find out a way to maintain interest in soccer through new programs, change in environment or through consulting or identify another method to keep them interested in other sports that they are interested in by adapting and introducing new programs.