smallpox first diagnosed on october

smallpox ranks among the most devastating illnesses ever suffered by mankind.Smallpox is a infectious disease caused by one of two virus .It was first diagnosed on october 1977.

the symptoms of smallpox are fever,vomiting formation of sores in the mouth and skin has been estimated that there has been 300-500 million deaths from smallpox.In 1798 Edward Jenner discovered that vaccination could prevent smallpox.30% percent of people with smallpox die.

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it would take 12 days before the symptoms would show.smallpox first started in india.scientist say that smallpox evolved from a terrestrial african rodent virus between 68,000 and 16,000 years ago.the smallpox vaccine is currently a live virus called vaccinia.

within 3 days of having the vaccine the symptoms will start to go away but if it doesn’t the vaccine can be really deadly.on a average 3 out of 10 people who got it died.traces of smallpox has been found on the head of a 3000 year old mummy of the pharaoh 1959 the world health organization initiated a plan to rid the world of smallpox.

unfortunately this global eradication campaign suffered from lack of funds and commitment from countries.janet parker was the last person on record to die from smallpox.On may 8 1980 the 33rd world health assembly officially declared the world free of smallpox.

in laboratory test tecovirimat has been shown to be effective against the virus that causes smallpox. The smallpox vaccine helps the people bodies develop immunity.smallpox research in the u.s continues to find new vaccines,drugs and diagnostic tests to protect people against 1997 the russian government announced that all of its remaining smallpox samples would be moved to the vector institute in koltsovo.there is still a chance of smallpox coming back as a biological weapon.People nowadays are no longer vaccinated for is spread from contact with the virus.