Statement And they lack human resource. This study

Statement of problem:The proposed study is an attempt to know the effectiveness of Digital Marketing to its customers.

Review of Literature:This paper explains about the various stratergies that should be used in digital media which is preferred by the author as digital media is increasing many companies are adopting it. Here some research were made on different marketing stratergies that were preferred by the author and which ones will influence their behaviour.This paper gives preference to the new comers in digital marketing by providing on how to use it, the advantages and disadvantages of it at present time. Here the author has investigated 145 B2B firms. He says that despite they have interest in social media , they only focus on some marketing tools.

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This result indicate that the digital tool remain unexploited. And they lack human resource. This study suggests that B2B companies companies should come up with such ideas so that they can adapt current trends to fit today’s digital media. This paper helps us to understand the digital market. Many businesses, customers and govt sectors should face various types of questions while analysing the markets. This paper addresses the questions by analysing it, and by discussing it.This paper tells about the social networking sites that have been increasing day to day so that the marketers can extend their marketing promotions to wider range of people. Author defines social media as “connection between the brand and the people by offering a personal channel.

This paper tells us about Web-based knowledge systems, that is called as Webdigital, to formulate the different stratergies of marketing. In this system the various digital marketing stratergies are examined, then adapted.This paper talks about the marketing tool that is increasing day by day and is adapted by many that is Email marketing. This paper reviews email marketing which focuses on obtaining receipitent’s permission. Here Email marketing is compared with direct and indirect marketing, and identifying its adavantages. The main factor is to increase the response rate in direct marketing and direct mail.Here the author talks about the word Digital that has become very famous and is part of our life.

He tells that Digital marketing has changed the mind set for traditional marketing environment. Here the researcher tells about the concept of digital marketing, on why it is more siginificant , and explore the benefits of it. This paper tells about viral marketing. He says it is a form of peer communication to individuals who are encouraged to pass the promotional message within their social networks. Viral marketing is both random and not manageable.

In this paper, the researcher investigate the formation of digital market.This paper reviews on articles on Facebook between 2008-2012. The researcher says that there are numerous articles on various aspects of social network sites, the gaps are still to be filled. Also because of the sample size that are limited in the country. And the changes in Facebook’s design and features. The review later speaks about the direction for future research.

This paper examines the internet marketing to show how the literature has changed in terms of content and quantity. This paper provides a comprehensive review of internet marketing. It tells us about the current state of internet marketing and tells readers a sense of quantity of internet marketing and its scope of this research.Objectives of the study:• To identify various variables measuring the effectiveness of Digital Marketing.• To analyze the variables and its effectiveness on Digital Marketing of Swastika Investmart.• To analyze the effectiveness of various components of Digital Marketing.Scope of the Study:• The study will help to know which publicity media is most effective.

• The study also helps the company to manage their competition.• The study will help in possible improvements to the company.• The study will help to focus on different aspects of the company like service and finance.Research Methodology:A total of 136 respondents data was selected for the study. The data was analysed using percentage analysis. Method of Data Collection:Primary Data:The primary data means the data gathering for the first time for the survey directly from the sample or population as per the requirement. To obtain primary data through descriptive research which is also called survey method, to carry out sample survey of existing and prospective customers.? QuestionnaireSecondary Data:The secondary data consists of information that already exists and has been collected for some specific purpose previously.

? Websites? Articles? Social media? Annual reports? Books? JournalsSample Design:• Sample Size- 136 unit• Sampling unit- They are Individuals and corporate, existing, and prospective customers.• Sampling Method- Census SurveyInstrument for Data collection:In this study at Swastika Investmart the data was collected through questionnaires i.e, through online and hard copies. The questionnaire were framed on the basis of the objective. The questions were both in open ended as well as ranking scale.

Statistical tool for analysis:For this study percentage analysis and graphs(bar graph) were used to analyze.Limitations of the study:1) the sample size is 136 online users the result cannot be declared as whole.2) The findings are assu