Statement senior and an Honors College

Statement of PurposeMaster’s in Business Administration Achieving a Master’s of Business Administration requires a distinct determination and character. The world is constantly evolving and its business sector has expanded across borders that were once restricted and anyone with high aspirations in the world of business must have a perspective on international relations and be aware of different international arenas. I am blessed and grateful to have a diverse background in both my academics and Naval Reserve Officer Training profession which has given me the opportunity to gain exposure to different people, cultures, languages, and countries. As a Mechanical Engineering senior and an Honors College scholar, I have been conditioned to work hard and strive to learn all that I can learn. I am thoroughly equipped for the challenges and demands presented by undertaking study in the MBA program at your institution.

In the years of my youth, I set and strived to achieve goals that far exceeded those of my peers. Once I graduated high school, I decided to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Southern University A;M College. As a student, a midshipman in the Southern University Naval Reserves Officer Training Corps, and a scholar in the Dolores Margaret Richard Spikes Honors College, I received an incredibly valuable learning experience, that surpasses that which I could have received elsewhere.

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Although my undergraduate coursework at Southern University focused predominately on engineering, I was able to gain economic, business management, and marketing exposure as well. Through the Navy, I received a diversified cultural based educational opportunity as I traveled to various places. As a result, I am confident in my capability to adapt to the business environment and join your MBA program. With the world constantly changing I decided that I should not become complacent with just an engineering degree. I have come to the decision that continuing my studies in the MBA program would not only be valuable, but essential in the development of my career potential and will provide me a greater opportunity for success in my future endeavors.

The challenging curriculum of your MBA program will allow me to further develop my abilities. After the completion of my studies, I plan to return back to work and apply the knowledge that I have learned from your program to benefit the company I choose to work for. Shortly after graduating, I expect to have developed a successful and rewarding career that I can be proud of. I am eager to continue my educational progression by enrolling in your MBA program. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Respectfully,Jada K. White