Strength of population. They always

Strength for Cotton On are they made their merchandise affordable for all stages of population.

They always have connection and update their customer by using their social networking sites. Now Cotton On have various location stores opened in Australia even international such as Singapore and USA. The weakness for Cotton On is poor quality of certain merchandises. Cotton on produce a massive production which can lead to a huge number of employees needed resulting more money to pay their wages and also the materials of the merchandises like the fabrics. As for opportunities, Cotton On need to collaborate with famous success company such as Disney Corporation or famous people that can influence their target market in order to increase their sales. Expanding their supplier’s field is one of an opportunities for Cotton On by venturing to other Asia market.

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Lastly threats for Cotton On, competitive with other famous clothing brands. Cotton On need to keep follow up the ever changing style and fashion in order to be more persistence in the business world.