Summary costs $4.6 trillion in the Seattle Times

Summary – The article Population kills 9 million a year, costs $4.

6 trillion in the Seattle Times Post is by Katy Daigle. The main idea of the article is about how pollution throughout the world, particularly in India, is killing so many people. Pollution includes terrible air and contaminated water. 9 million premature deaths are caused by pollution. Scientists say that the number of premature deaths is increasing every year. SA Rizwan and A. Kankandia also wrote a similar article regarding pollution in India in government publications.

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Usually the low to middle classes are more affected to the pollution than the wealthy or the poor. This is due to the usage of automobiles and burning of fuels. The bigger picture is that pollution is slaughtering more people every year; these deaths are financially causing a loss of $4.6 trillion. The significance of this article is to inform people about the deaths of millions of people annually due to pollution.

Reflection – The article Population kills 9 million a year, costs $4.6 trillion in the Seattle Times Post is by Katy Daigle. I believe this topic is a very significant subject. There is an insane amount of pollution in India. Pollution is eliminating more people than natural disasters, smoking, and hunger is.

I think this is devastating because these deaths are premature. $4.6 trillion is being spent on the deaths of the premature deaths.

The main idea of this article is that pollution is killing off 9 million people annually. This is a very terrible situation. Historically, the air in India had been much cleaner compared to recent times, due to automobile and burning of fuels for other needs. Other theories than could be applied this situation is that this problem can be extrapolated the current conditions in China where pollution is also causing premature deaths.