Superstition curious to know what her grandmother

Superstition is any belief or practice that is considered irrational.

A misunderstanding of science or a positive belief in fate or magic. It was made up by the Ancient Romans who had a belief that something bad could happen if you were to break a mirror. For example, a little girl broke a mirror and the first thing her grandma said was, ‘that’s seven years of bad luck’. She was curious to know what her grandmother was actually trying to tell her but also a little scared. Her grandma’s response to the breaking of the mirror was highly instinctive. Ancient Romans believed that bad luck will come to those who breaks a mirror.

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Like death in the family, someone getting extremely sick, ect. Mirror superstitions probably came from the time when the first humans saw their reflections in a puddle of water. They were in shock because they saw someone or something that they believed it was their soul or spirit. If they were to damage it they thought it was a risk that can harm others.

A long time ago mirrors were thought to have magic powers. The power was to predict the future and was considered to be devices of the gods. Breaking a mirror would end its godly powers and bring untold miseries and misfortunes upon the one whose reflection it last held. The Ancient Romans believed that life continued itself every seven years. If a person was looking into the mirror of ill-health, their image would break the mirror and the ruin of bad luck would continue. At the end of the seven year period their life would be renewed, their body would be physically rejuvenated, and the curse would be ended.