Suraj 2017 My Campaign- run

Suraj BisuralProfessor DuranGOVT-230625th October 2017My Campaign- run for officeWhile a candidate runs for an office, there are various circumstances where he/she needs to take better decisions for expected results. One of the most important aspects to notice while running for an office is amount of money you spend. According to survey, many candidates spend millions to run for the office and is calculated as amount spent per vote. So, it can be said that more the candidate spends, more they are likely to win. However, fund is not only the prime factor that influence the vote or win of a candidate.

The time of their political career i.e. either the candidate is new or old in politics also affects the result. This is because, old candidates in power have huge network of supporters behind them which results in increasing their probability of getting more votes and winning despite of the opponents spending more funds.According to the data presented by Texastribune, Cindy Burkett ran for Texas House and spent about 3.1 million to obtain 30,430 votes while Philip Cortez also ran for Texas House and spent 1 million to obtain 29,302 votes. We can clearly observe that candidate and spending more, Burkett could raise only 30 thousand votes which is comparable to votes of Cortez.

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So, we can feel that candidate has entire loads of factors to deal with to make a vote step out and vote for them. The difference of cost per vote were huge and fresh candidates were winning hearts and election than Incumbent heavy spenders. This indicates towards the capability of a political candidate to present their views and influence people with their speech.For the collection of funds and financial support for the campaign, my first choice will be the interest groups that will support my campaigns and in return I will also insure them that I would support them in future from every possible aspect. Also, I would try to collect the funds from the membership fees like every other political parties do. This will benefit me with the funds as well as indirectly assure me the vote of the members who will support my funding. When you go out to express your point of view and support what you think as a political figure, there will be various interest groups that will support or oppose your values.

Similarly, there will be interest groups that may support me. In my point of view, Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas will be one of the interest groups that will support me as our party support legal immigration as well as support the point that deserving immigrants should be invited and immigrants living peacefully with no criminal activities should also be considered equal to U.S. resident. Also, Texas Moratorium Network may also be the interest group that will support my campaign. According to votesmart, it is an interest group that oppose the execution or death penalty system in Texas. As, our party is not in support of death penalty and have values that thinks that human life is more valuable and taking someone’s life is no justice. So, in my point of view this interest group will support our view and campaign.

Likewise, there will also be many interest groups that would come forward to oppose my campaign. At first, our party thinks that Texas has many sectors that still need attention for betterment like proper education, environment (global warming prevention), medical or health care sectors. So, my campaign will be in favor of increase in taxes which will go for the development and improvement of above mentioned sectors. Hence, Heritage Alliance probably would be a group that will oppose my campaign as this group criticizes the government tax increment and opposes it. Also, one of the most important topic which my party stands against is possession of multiple guns as my political views says that possession of gun is the factor for major gun violence.

This agenda of our campaign may also cause difference in view with Texas State Rifle Association as it supports the freedom in possession of gun without any limitation in numbers. Hence, I believe that it will be the major group that will oppose the outlook of my campaign.For me, a party is a platform of honesty and a clear description of agenda that makes people to understand the major goal which is reflected by the party Slogan. So, my party slogan is, Working for You! Also, a good campaign sign reflects the perfection of the party. Therefore, my campaign sign is,Every new candidate seeks for a famous face to push them forward or speak to the people about them for betterment of their campaign and positive results.

So, for my campaign I would like USA today Newspaper to endorse my campaign as they can appear as a medium for me to express my position and plans to local people directly which will increase number of my supporters. Also, I would highly expect Obama couple to endorse my campaign as Barack Obama has the power to influence people with his powerful speech as well as his ideology and Michelle Obama is inspiration for many women in the states. Hence, I will like to raise my voice to the ears of every individual Texans through them. My party’s values and vision are very genuine and specific as we ask people to be united and have a progressive mind for changes and progress. I would just ask the people to at least vote first, and before you do so think about it and understand my ideology and plans.

My target will be the people who expect change and are dominated to provide them with freedom and rights. Work Cited:Essig, Chris, et al. “Here’s how much Texas candidates spent per vote in the November elections.” The Texas Tribune, Texas Tribune, 1 Mar. 2017,”The Voter’s Self Defense System.” Vote Smart,