Symbolic that her mother made it for her

Symbolic Interactionism Symbolic interactionism is very prominent in this movie. Their clothes, shoes, hair, cars, and houses are all status symbols. On Wednesdays they all wear Pink to symbolize unity and make it known to the rest of the school who is worthy of being a plastic and who is not.

Regina forces Gretchen to act like she doesn’t like a pair of earrings given to her by her parents because “hoop earrings are her thing”. Cady’s bracelet is also a symbol of the life she left behind. The fact that her mother made it for her represents how close they used to be and throughout the movie we see them drift apart and her stop wearing the bracelet. Conflict Theory The conflict theory is demonstrated in this movie in many ways. Cady changes in response to the social world around her. She is taken out of her home schooled jungle life and thrown into public high school

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