That’s different picture, one in which stores and

That’s what many seem to believe, and it’s not surprising, given the negative outlook on the future of retail stores offered by sources within and outside the sector. Reality, however, suggests a far different picture, one in which stores and store networks continue to play the leading role in building customer loyalty and supporting financial performance. In fact, AT Kearney online study of 3,200 U.

S. and UK consumers shows that stores remain at the heart of retailers’ relationships with consumers, even in today’s “omnichannel” world where online and mobile sales appear to rule. The evidence is clear: Consumers value the retail store experience on multiple levels and continue to make the vast majority of their purchases in stores. And, importantly, the value of stores extends well beyond brick-and-mortar to help increase volume and revenue across all channels.Going forward stores will not be the places for sale purchase but something more than that.

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