The that his sense of restraint

The Cat of MadnessThe black cat symbolizes the fate of the narrator, In many culture around the world take the black cat as a bad omen, bad luck or a disaster coming to who ever comes across one.

In Greek Mythology, Pluto is the God of death and the underworld, which adds to the mystique and meaning to the cat. When the narrator starts off his story, he loves Pluto and seems to be the only animal he loved and cared for. When he was influenced by alcohol, he begins to doubt the love love and attention of pluto towards him. He starts to suspect and resent Pluto. This starts to lead him to his lost of reason and insanity, at worst. He lost is sense of reason when he hung the cat on the tree.

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It shows that his sense of restraint is being chipped away slowly, but surely. The cat can also be symbolizing his soul -black and dark. His description of his murderous bloodlust and cruelty as a “silly action” seems to imply that his sense of judgement seem to be affected as well. As the cat dies an imprint of the cruel fate of the cat was left in the only wall standing.

It was foreshadowing of his fate in the future and the decaying decency of his character and personality. Even the moment when he gouges out the cat’s eye just shows how he’s just descending on a rabbit hole of madness and degeneration. His approach to alcoholism can symbolize the start of this path, He only becomes hostile to Pluto when he drank and let go of his inhibitions and made light in his judgement. Alcoholism symbolizes the turning point for the narrator and the beginning of being locked in this kind of fate or destiny. The imagery of Pluto being hanged from a tree also symbolizes the fate of the narrator who will, most likely be hanged in the gallows and shows that their fate are the same and connected with each otherThe Black Cat symbolized as a child of the narrator. that shows in small hints and symbols. Pluto can be seen as a child, seeing as the couple seems to me married and committed to each other and yet have no children. The howl of the cat is being described as similar to a child’s sobbing, which can be taken as a hint of the cats as a child.

Even the personalities of cats and children are very similar as well. Both cats and children have the save innocence and mischievous nature. The gouging of the cat’s eye be might be a sign of the first time the narrator has ever laid hands on the child after getting drunk and being aggravated. Even in those times, Drunk fathers is more prominent and a more accepted by the society. This tale may be taken as a cautionary tale of the heartache and consequences of child abuse.