the faults long durability and reliability warranty

the company managers aims to eliminate any lapses in production or defects or faults long durability and reliability warranty system marketing the beauty of our product that mostly all customers segmentation can use it has no specific target group since its satiable for all categories from young to elderly and all genders that want to get warmth. additionally it is made in different colors to attract all categories and tastes and several designs for instance sports design for athletes to encouraging people to buy more pairs that can match their clothes.

the winter season is coming as anticipate the demand for electric heat socks will increase so this is the good time to advertise. to market our product we will use web merchandising viral marketing and advertising via mass media or social media such as facebook youtube and linkedin. consumers can have a free trial for our product in the shop coupons when they come with their friends or when they buy online for the first time conclusion at the end in business we might face some problems since we aim to evolve contentiously we had a minor problem with the budget we have to take a loan from a bank to expand the productivity to create a heated gloves and jackets in future with a higher voltages batteries gives a higher heat output and the heat rises and decrease automatically depends on your body temperature and charges in two ways either electric or by solar energy to provide maximum warmth everywhere to keep your life warmer and easier its will be more environmentally friendly this is whats coming soon hope you like

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